STR Expert System, DNA Sample tracking, DNA Profiles database


Sample registration and Process tracking.

User definable Categories and fields.
 Manage extractions, PCR and Electrophoresis.
 Automatic creation of AB Genetic Analyzer sample sheet import files for all instrument models.

Liquid handler and robotic system support (custom configuration on request)

- Status Reports -
Full process history a mouse click away for Reporting Officers.


Automatic STR result interpretation
 Floating window assignment of results all versions of AB GeneScan�, GenoTyper�and GenemapperID/ID-X�
Can be used independently or as a Referee system together with Genotyper� or GeneMapperID/ID-X�
Supports any STR kit panel � Identfiler, Cofiler, SGM+, Profiler, Profiler+, Yplex, Promega kits.
Unlimited number of loci or alleles (mixture support)
 Supports multiple Genetic Analyzers and STR kits.

Complete raw data & Result History is maintained for QA/QC including all peak data (Allelic and non-allelic)
 Quantitative Profile Result Quality assessment and automated multiple batch overnight analysis.

Ideal for small crime labs and large reference database laboratories.


DNA profiles database - supports all DNA profile loci panels.
 Multiplexes, partial profiles, mixtures, sequential typing of triplexes, quads, singleplexes
 Stores accepted STR profiles from STRgazer

 Import any externally assigned DNA profiles - STR's, HLA&PM, D1S80, SLP's
CODIS support
 New loci can be added indefinitely to previous results.



Matching DNA profiles search module.
 Dynamic Discriminator Technology (DDT) for high-speed profile searches.

Cross panel overlap searching.
 Supports partial profiles and mixtures. Automatic searching of mixtures containing search profiles and profiles contained in mixtures - essential for rape, sexual assault cases.
 Prevent unauthorised access to selected hits
 External profiles (not only STR's) imported into STRbase can also be searched.


DNA match probability statistics - HW, inbreeding, NRC 4.2 correction (Fst/theta), sibling, relatives and mixtures (RMNE).

Population data management.

Parentage / relatedness statistics calculator


Process and result history reporting.

Proficiency test case management